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Or is it the moment at which those collisions become stable enough for real scientific data to be collected? Well, popular opinion—or, rather, a tacit agreement between the authorities at CERN, the European particle-physics laboratory whose baby the LHC is, and the journalists who report on these matters—decided on the second. The protons were duly unleashed at 9.

Someone at the BBC suggested that a Big Red Button should be used to speed the protons on their way, but that was deemed too flashy. Instead Lyn Evans, the physicist in charge of the collider, cautiously nursed the first proton beam around the circuit an eighth of the way at a time. Then, to prove the point, he sent one in the opposite direction.

Razzmatazz aside, the LHC is an awesome machine. When it is working at full throttle, the protons going around the LHC will travel very close to the speed of light. That speed, beyond which it is impossible to accelerate, is ,km a second. The power of accelerators has risen more than a thousandfold since the s, and a hundred millionfold since the first cyclotron, a mere 30cm in circumference, was tested by Ernest Lawrence at the University of California, Berkeley in But the basic idea behind both that cyclotron and the LHC is the same.

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A combination of electricity and magnetism accelerates the protons and thus endows them with energy. The main difference, apart from the scale of the machines, is that the cyclotron fired particles into a static target, whereas the LHC uses contra-rotating beams to achieve head-on collisions. The real news, of course, will come when CERN actually finds something. Scientific discoveries are only occasionally eureka moments. Come join us and one of New Zealand's most experienced freedive instructors.

For new, and even experienced divers, the plethora of dive gear and information out there can make smart equipment choices difficult. The picture of a cooked crayfish rock lobster on a platter, is enough to make mouths water, worldwide.

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