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But as the book progresses the lack of respect turns into insults, which is a shame because it changes the book from being critical to being nasty. To be fair, he also gives the subjects some recognition for their skills and the results they have acomplished.

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This is not a good book and i cannot recommend to anybody else. I was expecting some sort of story on the rise and fall of some business titans - and perhaps the writers thoughts on why they developed such bad habits. I quit listening after 20 minutes. The writer had some idea that because men have huge amounts of testosterone and some connection with their mother's way of upbringing that these guys develop the need to use women.

Among the transactions thus described by Petty included a type of transaction in which in substance Petty, through the use of a corporate shell, bought pulp from one company he controlled and sold it at a substantially higher price to another company he controlled, depositing the profit in his own Swiss or Bermuda bank account. Accordingly, in reality it is Petty and Mason and not I who have the most about which to be embarrassed.

But knowing something is wrong is one thing, and refusing to participate in it is quite another. This of course dragged in Dunlap even more deeply, presumably making him even more nervous about the matter. Yet, still he said nothing, as if it were all a bad dream that would go away once he woke up. Meanwhile, Al had already begun earning a reputation for himself—not just at Nitec but throughout the whole of Niagara Falls— as an insufferable and self-possessed boor.

To get the company to upgrade it, the city of Niagara Falls had to give Nitec a variety of tax breaks. One local insurance agent signed him up for some Nitec key man insurance by complimenting him on his wardrobe at every opportunity. Quayle complained often that Dunlap would demand instant delivery of the equipment but would dally endlessly when it came to paying for it after it arrived. He was just the worst. There must have been something wrong with him. Actual percentages of testosterone change have been measured in monkeys following fights. Victorious monkeys show a 20 percent increase in testosterone levels for roughly 24 hours following a fight whereas the level may fall by as much as 90 percent—and stay lower longer—for monkeys that lose.

A dress rehearsal was held, cued to the precise moment of sunset. The rehearsal went off flawlessly. As the assembled guests watched transfixed, the entire four-layer cake began to move forward with the slow but irresistible force of a tectonic plate until it eased over the edge of the trolley and arced downward in a slow-motion forward flip, landing upside down with a vulgarsounding SPLAT on the floor.

For what seemed an eternity, no one said anything as all just stood and gawked at what had happened, savoring all that the moment seemed to convey about the man they had been summoned to applaud. Then came another. So, flying to France on what was ostensibly a vacation, Al checked into a hotel in Monaco, then went into the street to look for a public pay phone kiosk. Finding one, he called Switzerland, got the bank on the phone, and told the manager to wire him what was in the account and close it out.

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Whether or not Dunlap thought he had finally gotten the problem behind him, it eventually blew up in his face. This stunned Dunlap, who as always, had been seemingly oblivious to the effect he was having on those around him. On learning this, Petty realized that he now held the upper hand and announced that Nitec was rescinding its promise to pay Dunlap the payout it had promised. Furious at this turn of events, Dunlap sued for breach of contract, and Nitec countersued. By then, it was the summer of , and Al had long since gone on to other things anyway, conveniently deleting the disastrous two years in Niagara Falls, New York, from his resume—just as he would eventually delete it from his Mean Business memoir.

Even the case file of the lawsuit seemed to disappear. There it came to rest, logged onto a shelf in a cavernous space suggestive of the last scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark. And there it remained for the next twenty years, forgotten by everyone. Having graduated from Seton Hall in with a degree in accounting, he landed a job as an auditor at the old Smith-Corona typewriter company.

But IBM had by then devoured the office products market almost totally, and SCM was losing money on every typewriter it sold. Her name was Angeles Suarez, but she was known around the office as Angie. Dennis quickly zeroed in on her good looks, and they became an item and were married in her home borough of the Bronx on March 13, Of all these conglomerate hero-stocks of the golden age of conglomerates, only Textron continues as a publicly traded company, with its shares still listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

In subsequent years, he also claimed to have lived in Arizona while looking for a job as a commercial pilot, and even to have flown helicopters for the Central Intelligence Agency in Cambodia during the first two years of the Nixon administration. One such press release moved the place of his birth from the crime-ridden city of Newark to the more bucolic and friendly sounding community of Maplewood, New Jersey. The New Yorker February 17, , p. BusinessWeek December 23, reports that Kozlowski moved to Arizona following graduation from Seton Hall, looking for a job as a commercial pilot, and then subsequently joined SCM in New York as an accountant in —leaving an unaccounted-for period that could have included service in the military or CIA.

The Boston Globe December 1, , Sec. The claims have proven impossible to verify. In Gaziano, Dennis now had one as well.

But he was no Harry Figgie or Jimmy Ling, two of the s-era conglomerateurs whom Gaziano sought to emulate. And he was certainly no Harold Geneen of ITT, whom he had once worked for and now regarded as his own ultimate role model. As had been the fashion of the s, Tyco had put together its own bizarre little collection of random industrial companies, and like the other conglomerates of the era, it was now struggling to avoid collapse in the stock market downturn of the first Nixon term. On that list were companies like Avon, Polaroid, and Coca-Cola.

Tyco was not among them. This was the world in which Kozlowski now went to work. And it was certainly a confidence-builder for the young accountant—already turning into a balding and increasingly beefy six-footer. He showed up for work each day knowing that the man who had hired him was not only the company chairman, but actually looked like an older version of Dennis, and came from the same coarse background.

In no time at all, Dennis also began to accumulate the trappings of wealth and place them in his own modest toy box of parvenu privilege. First acquisition: an appropriately impressive collection of wines, which he described to friends not by the vintages of the various selections of Bordeaux in the collection, but instead by the number of bottles he possessed, as if the sheer heft of the collection was what ultimately mattered. Norton, , particularly pages 62— The passage sets forth the arithmetic by which the acquisition of a company with a low price-earnings multiple by one with a higher multiple automatically resulted in Wall Street marking up the low price-earnings of the acquired company to the high multiple of the company that now owned them.

In this way, the bull market enthusiasms of the s fueled the entire conglomerate boom, which was built on the acquisition of progressively less valuable companies in order to have their earnings revalued upward. It had taken him eleven long years to make the break with his father, Ray, and with the Perelman family business—and now he had finally done it. He and his own family had packed up and moved to New York, where the most glamorous race, on the fastest track, is always under way. The building, constructed in in the depths of the Depression by the architect Rosario Candela, was meant to convey a kind of baronial splendor in a time of need.

It was topped by a room, [Image not available in this electronic edition. Meshulam Riklis? Photo credit: Marina Garnier. It was evidence enough of the sorts of investments that Wharton grads were believed capable of pulling off, and certainly a sign of what Ron expected of himself from the launching pad of the same swanky address. After graduation in , Milken had gone to work as a bond salesman in the New York office of an oldline Philadelphia firm called Drexel Firestone and Company.

Testosterone Inc

From that perch, he had begun to make a name for himself by investing the money of a growing number of investment world notables in the corporate bonds of distressed companies. By , Perelman looked to be rich indeed. At the bottom line, Perelman was in fact worth not much more than he had been on the day that he and Faith had first moved to town.

Like everyone else on the Milken merry-go-round, Perelman depended on a combination of rising prosperity and falling interest rates to keep his business above water so that the game of growth-by-borrowing could continue.

See a Problem?

Freed from the hovering presence of his father, Ron began to focus increasingly on the frustrations he felt regarding his petite and soft-spoken wife, Faith. What did he need a situation like that for anyway? The problem was, how to deal with it—and as is often the case for those who can afford it, the answer was fairly simple. Along the way, Perelman had begun leading a secret, second life with a woman named Susan Kasen, who was running a florist shop out of a basement in New Jersey around the time he and Faith had met her in For Ron, she offered everything.

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She was blonde, good looking, devoted, and discreet. And what seemed best of all, she was not demanding, never insisting on the attention and interest in her that was not in him to give. When he was done with her, he could just get up and leave. Does it get any better than that? Ron would enter late, in his de rigueur dark business suit, to find Suzie already inside waiting, fashionably attired in her own dark suit, made all the more striking when set against her flaxen hair. They would dine quietly at their table for roughly an hour and a half, then rise and kiss goodbye on the sidewalk Ron was getting bolder now , and return to their Other Lives—she to her flower shop and her champagne goblets of Rockefellers and Raniers; and he to his.

As always happens sooner or later in such situations, Faith began to sense what was up. Another time, some of his pressed shirts got delivered to the apartment at Park—apparently after the first address on the delivery ticket had been crossed out. It read, No.

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What was that all about? The tipping point came when Faith riffled through the family mail one morning toward the end of and discovered a bill from Bulgari, the ultra-expensive jewelry shop.