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Home Books Self-Improvement. Save For Later. Create a List. Summary Hypnosis is a proven technique that allows people to reprogram their subconscious to change unwanted behaviors. Checkout Your Cart Price.

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Add to cart. Using the eyes-open hypnosis method, here are new scripts, tips and secrets to achieve more in your life There's nothing to memorize or scripts to record.

It's uncomplicated, quick, effective and fun. This book presents a foolproof way to get results in about 15 minutes per day. In days you can hit your targets. Just read to succeed. If you need to control your habits and achieve more, this is the book for you It will help you get things done without the need for willpower. It features: - 48 fresh hypnosis scripts - Master Induction 2.

As you use each of your senses in this way, you will surprise yourself with even more memories that start to come flooding in because the brain uses all these senses to recall your memories. They are all tucked away inside you. It is just a question of prising them out. When you have gone back just as far as you can remember today, gently start to float back to the present until you see the flagpole in the ground. Then descend slowly to the ground and relax.

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You will find that if you perform this exercise a number of times on different days, each time some new memory will appear. The more you practice, the more you will discover. Imagine now that you have a challenge to overcome some time in the not too distant future. It may be anything. Perhaps it is associated with your work, a sporting event, an exam, or a job interview. Those are just examples, of course. Close your eyes and imagine your timeline.

Put the flag in the ground to mark the present, rise above the timeline and begin to float back. Perhaps at some time in your past you overcame a similar challenge. It may not be exactly the same, but we have all overcome difficulties and challenges at some time in our lives. Now float back to just before you faced that challenge. See how you looked. Feel how you felt.

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Hear what you heard. See yourself tackling the challenge and overcoming it. Float just ahead to the time when you overcame the challenge. Feel the enormous satisfaction you felt then. Observe what you did to overcome the challenge. Now come back to the present. Continue to hover over the timeline.

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Float out into the future to just before the challenge you are to face. Call up those resources that you used on the last occasion. Bring to mind all those new resources you have learned about since then and bring them all together. See yourself now using those resources, dealing with the challenge and overcoming it successfully. Take yourself to the moments after you have succeeded and see how good you look, and feel how good it feels.

Your timeline, used in this way for instant self hypnosis, is a fantastic tool for relaxation and achievement. While you are locked inside your imagination you are totally absorbed and it is the best way of achieving instant self-hypnotism.

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