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Confront your fears with love, don't reject them or avoid them; if you do, the clouds across the sun will soon become a tsunami.

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Our insecurities become most evident when things don't go how we want them to; when this anxiety appears, your need for control becomes more obvious. This need to control the people and things around us is a reflection of inner insecurity: love trusts and flows, fear controls and resists. When you feel the need to control, go deeper, and beneath the thoughts of worry you will find something greater. When you experience inner transformation and become love-conscious, when unconditional love of self becomes a force that overflows from within in abundance, then everything flows towards you and then out toward everyone.

It becomes a magnetic, powerful force that attracts everything towards you, and your creations will exceed your expectations. You will see that in reality nothing was ever missing, that everything is here and now, because when you feel complete within yourself, everything comes to you.

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When you are anchored in that space, you become the love. Choose love and it will come to you. Instead of focusing on what is missing, focus on giving -- giving without limit. We have been trained to think that everything is limited, and this thought brings us anxiety and insecurity, but now, focus on the love, and experience the unlimited abundance of creation. I invite you to create this experience within yourself; to discover the profound, permanent fulfillment that lies within your heart. Learn more at www.

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Low wages and job insecurity as a destructive global standard

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All rights reserved. Nearly nine out of 10 people consider themselves middle class, as a recent survey by the Pew Research Center found, regardless of whether their incomes languish near the poverty line or skim the top stratum of earners. But a perspective that was once characterized by comfort and optimism has increasingly been overlaid with stress and anxiety.

Part of the reason has to do with lost jobs and stagnating incomes. At the same time, the psychological frame — how Americans feel about their security and prospects — and the sociological — how they stack up in relation to their parents, friends, neighbors and colleagues — are just as important as purely economic criteria.

The Changing Nature of Middle-Class Jobs

And on both these counts, middle-class Americans say they are feeling increasingly vulnerable. Middle-class anxiety has been driven by several factors: increasing instability in incomes, a sense among many Americans that they are failing to keep up with the gains of previous generations, and an increasing gap between themselves and the very rich.

A recent report from economists at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. The study, conducted by William R. Emmons and Bryan J. And people who thought they were sociologically stable are finding themselves poorer. Money, of course, provides the wherewithal for acquiring what are considered the traditional bedrocks of a middle-class life: adequate health care, college for the children and retirement savings, generally with a car and a regular summer vacation thrown in.

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Some version of that basket can be bought across a range of incomes, depending on location. It might include a used Pontiac instead of a late-model Lexus, or a small walk-up instead of a house with a backyard. And even though consumption was once a useful shorthand guide to a middle-class lifestyle, it is no longer as reliable in a world where cellphones and flat-screen TVs are staples in a majority of households below the poverty line and retirement savings, even among top earners, are often treated as a luxury.

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Still, what all of them ultimately require, experts say, is a sense of economic security. The constant pressure to perform — to keep up with and satisfy others, instead of living up to your own inner voice, inevitably leads to feelings of inadequacy. It brings on doubts whether you will disappoint others and, in turn, erodes your confidence. Are you being shaped by your inability to measure up to unreasonable expectations from outside yourself? Children are naturally confident; they have an innate sense of adventure and fearless exploration.

What kind of childhood did you have? Did you parents or teachers give you the message that you were not good enough or that you were incompetent? Did the adults in your life support you or shut you down? Romance and intimacy bear and reflect on your self-esteem. Do you seek relationships to fill a void — to compensate for your own inadequacies and lack of love? Are you desperate?

How high are your standards? Does your intimate life cause you to experience cognitive dissonance? Do your romantic relationships build you up or break you down? Exercise: Evaluate and identify the origins and roots of your insecurities. How do you currently reinforce your negative self-image? Find ways to overcome a fear. Act with confidence. Do something that you think you are not capable of.