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FA is part of the Mathematics archive. For a specific paper , enter the identifier into the top right search box. AG - Algebraic Geometry new , recent , current month Algebraic varieties, stacks, sheaves, schemes, moduli spaces, complex geometry, quantum cohomology.

Existence and uniqueness, boundary conditions, linear and non-linear operators, stability, soliton theory, integrable PDE's, conservation laws, qualitative dynamics. Enriched categories, topoi, abelian categories, monoidal categories, homological algebra. Special functions, orthogonal polynomials, harmonic analysis, ODE's, differential relations, calculus of variations, approximations, expansions, asymptotics.

Discrete mathematics, graph theory, enumeration, combinatorial optimization, Ramsey theory, combinatorial game theory. Commutative rings, modules, ideals, homological algebra, computational aspects, invariant theory, connections to algebraic geometry and combinatorics.

Complex of $n$-groupoids and derivations of group algebras

Holomorphic functions, automorphic group actions and forms, pseudoconvexity, complex geometry, analytic spaces, analytic sheaves. Complex, contact, Riemannian, pseudo-Riemannian and Finsler geometry, relativity, gauge theory, global analysis. Dynamics of differential equations and flows, mechanics, classical few-body problems, iterations, complex dynamics, delayed differential equations. Banach spaces, function spaces, real functions, integral transforms, theory of distributions, measure theory.

Functional Operators: The Geometry of Orthogonal Spaces, Volume 2

Local estimates for Hormander's operators of first kind with analytic Gevrey coefficients and application to the regularity of their Gevrey vectors Makhlouf Derridj. Strongly algebraic realization of dihedral group actions Karl Heinz Dovermann. On commuting billiards in higher-dimensional spaces of constant curvature Alexey Glutsyuk. The topological biquandle of a knot Eva Horvat. Symplectic and odd orthogonal Pfaffian formulas for algebraic cobordism Thomas Hudson, Tomoo Matsumura.

Functional Operators: The Geometry of Orthogonal Spaces - John von Neumann - Google Books

Boundary regularity for asymptotically hyperbolic metrics with smooth Weyl curvature Xiaoshang Jin. Sums of algebraic trace functions twisted by arithmetic functions Maxim Korolev, Igor Shparlinski. Signature invariants related to the unknotting number Charles Livingston. Double graph complex and characteristic classes of fibrations Takahiro Matsuyuki. Gluing Bartnik extensions, continuity of the Bartnik mass, and the equivalence of definitions Stephen McCormick. A generalization of Maloo's theorem on freeness of derivation modules Cleto B. Miranda-Neto, Thyago S. Restricted sum formula for finite and symmetric multiple zeta values Hideki Murahara, Shingo Saito. Fundamental domains and presentations for the Deligne-Mostow lattices with 2-fold symmetry Irene Pasquinelli. Linearly dependent powers of binary quadratic forms Bruce Reznick. Transitive topological Markov chains of given entropy and period with or without measure of maximal entropy Sylvie Ruette.

Zelevinsky operations for multisegments and a partial order on partitions Peter Schneider, Wilhelm Zink. I always list book by ISBN only and buyer is assured of correct edition, correct author and correct format of book.

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