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Turchin's punishment reflected a growing leniency toward "war crimes" and led to a shift in the attitudes of citizens on both sides of the war. Ress resides in Athens, Alabama.

Ivan Turchin

He is a freelance writer and has been writing for sixteen years. He has had over one hundred articles published in numerous magazines, newspapers, and websites including SKI, Backpacker, Blue Ridge Country, and others. He currently does consulting work for the federal government. Despite the hardships he faced, Handy was determined to make music his career, and he worked diligently to achieve this dream, traveling throughout the South to learn and practice his trade. Handy, ca. She would like to thank Dr.

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Jennifer Greer and Dr. George Daniels for their support. The film, Stark Love, premiered to great acclaim, making its mark as one of the last films in the silent movie era. Its star, too, had great appeal, and was even offered a Hollywood contract. Charlotte Hine testified on behalf of her unnamed servant.

Normally Charlotte had been unafraid of soldiers coming to her house. She often gave them milk for which they offered to pay. On May 3, , a few soldiers came to her house and stole some meat from her smokehouse. According to Charlotte, "all had left the place, except for one woman and her daughter, the latter about 14 years of age. He said, "I want to use you.

Richard L. Dahlen (Author of From Conciliation to Conquest)

The soldier threatened, "God damn your mammy, we will have her next. Charlotte ran into the yard and "there before me a horrid outrage was committed on her person by the man, and afterward the outrage was repeated by one of the others, but not by the third man. They tried to hunt her up. Another officer stated, "Col. Turchin asked me if I had the man under arrest.

I replied I would not arrest one of my men on negro testimony. The whole foundation of this story is this: Our men captured the village. So much for dreadful outrage. The reporter first resorted to propaganda, then turned around and pretended that no women had been raped. The single case that made it to the court-martial records was dismissed entirely as being brought by a prostitute.

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He later was involved in real estate and the settlement of immigrants in southern Illinois. In , he was awarded a pension under a private pension act approved by Congress. He suffered severe dementia, attributed to his heatstroke, and died penniless in an institution in Anna, Illinois , at the age of Turchin has been portrayed by many in the South as a villainous figure for the so-called "Rape of Athens," however his actions presaged those that other Union commanders, in particular William Tecumseh Sherman , would adopt in prosecuting total war against the Confederacy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Ivan Turchin. American Civil War portal. John B. Peterburg — stolica russkoj gvardii. Istorija gvardejskih podrazdelenij. Struktura vojsk.

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Boevye dejstvija. Petersburg, the capital of the Russian Imperial Guard. History of the Guard Division. Structure of troops. Military operations. Notable personalities ] in Russian.

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Sack of Athens

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  • Retrieved Turchin University of Alabama Press: Tuscaloosa, , page Turchin University of Alabama Press: Tuscaloosa, , page 21— Bragg attempted to rally the broken troops; he advanced into the fire, and exclaimed, 'Here is your commander,' and was answered with the derisive shouts of an absurd catch-phrase in the army, 'Here's your mule'. Turchin University of Alabama Press: Tuscaloosa, , page —