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Publisher: O'Reilly Media , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis Mac OS X is a marvelous confluence of the user-friendly and highly customizable Macintosh of yesteryear and the power and flexibility of Unix under the hood. Shows some Learn more about this copy. About AbeBooks.

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All this material fully packed with images, thus being a top step-by-step guide, on the course of which you cannot fail. How will the skills uncovered in this handbook affect me? What makes them useful? The HHVM engine is faster and more performant than the Zend engine, which can save Facebook and other large-scale sites millions of dollars in servers and maintenance. And while the Hack language looks and acts like PHP, it also contains new features such as static typing, generics, native collections, which PHP developers have long needed.

Pick up this book and explore two important programming innovations that help Facebook run a tighter ship. With this practical guide, Owen Yamauchi—a member of Facebook's core Hack and HHVM teams—shows you how to get started with these battle-tested open-source tools. You'll explore static typechecking and several other features that separate Hack from its PHP origins, and learn how to set up, configure, deploy, and monitor HHVM.

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Ideal for developers with basic PHP knowledge or experience with other languages, this book also demonstrates how these tools can be used with existing PHP codebases and new projects alike. Designing BSD Rootkits. Though rootkits have a fairly negative image, they can be used for both good and evil. Designing BSD Rootkits arms you with the knowledge you need to write offensive rootkits, to defend against malicious ones, and to explore the FreeBSD kernel and operating system in the process.

Author Joseph Kong's goal is to make you smarter, not to teach you how to write exploits or launch attacks. You'll learn how to maintain root access long after gaining access to a computer and how to hack FreeBSD.