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Mary Elizabeth Cugat Patricia Morison Myra Ponsonby Eugene Pallette Bunker Charles Dingle Duncan Atterbury Leif Erickson Bill Stone Elisabeth Risdon Westwood Richard Haydn Chuck Kathleen Lockhart Laura Atterbury Phillip Terry Cory Cortwright Cecil Kellaway Buell Anne Revere Anna Charles Lane Brooks Charlotte Wynters Finley Clinton Rosemond Edit Storyline Ray Milland and Betty Field play a warring married couple who hope to patch up their differences by adopting a baby.

Genres: Comedy. Language: English. Also Known As: Mr. Runtime: 79 min.

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Color: Black and White. Edit Did You Know? Xavier Cugat thought this would negatively affect his career so he initiated legal proceedings against Columbia Pictures. See Cugie's autobiography, Rumba is My Life, p. Quotes George Cugat : [ she is seated at the bureau tossing papers on the floor ] Liz! Mary Elizabeth Cugat : Yes, dear? George Cugat : Would you mind telling me what on earth you're doing? Mary Elizabeth Cugat : It's my own system; first, you see, I file them.

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George Cugat : You file them? And I pay them first. You told me, substantial citizens always pay the utilities promptly. And then this pile are the second notices or "please remit at once's". You know how some people are. So, if there's Crazy Credits [prologue] Mr.

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Cugat - George and Liz to you - live right around the corner in that two-storey house. Like you and your brother-in-law and the fellow next door, they own their home, their car and their piano - all in partnership with the finance company. Soundtracks Who's Your Little Whoziz? Add the first question.

Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Edit page. By the way, talking dirty is a powerful way to let a man feel a strong sense of sexual connection; if you want to learn more tips about how to talk dirty to your husband , you may go on to read the post below:. Since childhood, male children have been educated to avoid appearing weak in front of people.

Just like a woman usually requires a gradual process of opening up sexually, a man also needs sufficient time to open up emotionally.

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When a man wants to cry in front of his woman, he needs to ensure that she will not repel it or handle it poorly. If a wife pushes her husband away or fails to empathize with him when he most needs her comfort, he will consciously reduce emotional investment in the relationship and withdraw himself somewhat from the relationship, and thereby the wife will realize that her man is not so emotionally connected to her like before. Ultimately, the lack of emotional intimacy can result in a lose-lose situation. When emotional intimacy is lacking , a relationship can suffer. The post below shares tips on growing emotional intimacy in marriage:.

In a marital relationship, married men and married women are both emotionally attracted to certainty. The more a husband feels like his wife is in the relationship for the long haul, the more willing he is to open up to her.

Is Marriage Obsolete?

The deep emotional security that a man needs is based on a lot more aspects, and the examples below make this point clear:. A man wants to feel secure that his wife understands his current career situation as well as his career plan. A man wants to feel loved and secure when he and his wife have not engaged in sexual activities for some time. In a marital relationship, a man not only wants to get love but also wants to get respect. Both love and respect are important for the smooth gliding of marital life. However, for most women, it is far easier to love men, than it is to respect them.

In truth, women need love more than respect, and men need respect more than love. Flash forward eleven years and Lucinda is a widow though thankfully not still a virgin. Harry has died of a sudden heart attack while in the bed of his mistress and Lucinda is deeply in debt. Separately Lucinda and Garrett are very appealing characters.

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And she plays no blame game; instead she just gets on with what must be done to continue to survive. Garrett is her equal in strength and determination and has a nice sense of humor to boot. I did like these characters separately and by about two-thirds of the way through, I was also liking them when they were on the same page. Prior to that most of their interactions made my teeth clench. She should protest. She would protest.